DOJ and FBI Assault Pro-Life Dissidents as Drought Cripples Nations | Sherwood, Antonellis, Harden

Watch Dustin Faulkner of BATTLEFRONT BROADCASTING interview Robert Antonellis [minute counter 50] about his prediction of a 9/11 attack, during the prior year, which turned out to be Hurricane Irma on 9/11/2017. And even the "chained event", a 21-gun salute, between this hidden 9/11 Weather Warfare attack on Florida and America and the Las Vegas Massacre at the 91 Harvest concert. Learn how the now declassified Vietnam War Era Operation Popeye, a real life example of Weather Warfare, was how the U.S. Military and America's Defense Contractors cut their teeth on manipulating the weather.

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Watch Robert Antonellis make two 9/11 predictions, on 9/10/2016

While at a Trump Rally on September 10th, 2016, Robert Antonellis predicted there would be no attack on 9/11/2016 and explained why the 9/11 Blood Trail required the coming attack to be on 9/11/2017. Then, in July, 2017, they published, “Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank for Royal Revenge”, which revealed the window for an attack was 7AM-11AM EST, not even knowing it would be a hurricane. On 9/11/2017, Hurricane Irma crashed into Tampa, Florida at 7AM, took a hard left turn, and raced north through the state of Florida, crossing the Georgia line at 11AM EST. Watch and see.