Watch these videos and experience America's hidden history, which has led to the remarkable collapse of this great nation, as we know it. But, far from being an academic exercise, each video empowers you to reverse the course of this decline, immediately, and for good, and to Make America First Again.

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Play the Trump Card

[3-min.] This video gets right to the point by showing you, "Pelosi's got a Jonestown problem and so does the Black Caucus". It brings her entire Haunted House of Cards crashing down on the entire Radical Progressive Left.

Then, as her world begins to shift, the first domino falls, with the 7th domino being the inaugeration of Citizen Donald J. Trump (as President), in Days, Not Years [TIDNY]


Interview, CPAC Dallas 2022 RE: Judgement Day Derailed - Crafty SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Leak Neatly Swept Epic 9-0 Free Speech Case Win Under the Rug [See also:article.]

Robert Antonellis, Founder of the Patriot2Patriot Network, shares his unique perspective and connection to the epic Supreme Court rare unanimous decision on free speech that was conveniently swept under the rug by the infamous “SCOTUS Leak”. He sat down to discuss this with JD Miniear and Christina of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, at CPAC Dallas 2022.

Twin "Trans" Towers

Is there proof, hiding in plain sight, the replacement of the Twin Towers was already designed during the 20th Century? Watch this short video and realize, not only was there deep foreknowledge the towers were coming down, but that Nancy Pelosi MAY have been "in on it!"

Team TIDNY Meeting

[21-min.] Join Robert Antonellis for an explanation of the plan he spearheaded, TIDNY, short for, Trump, in Days, Not Years. It is the obscure, but highly relevant, Constitutional Cure for Election Racketeering and Treason, which is the Simple, Unbreakable and Unstoppable solution, Trump supporters are craving.

It saves the border, before its final collapse. It protects America’s sovereignty from dangerous threats, and protects us from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. It lays out the path for us all to know that "America the Beautiful" did not perish on our watch and ensures America never becomes just "an idea", like Joe Biden has claimed it to be.

Antonellis then guides viewers towards small actions they can take, today, to win the return of Citizen Donald J. Trump, in Days, Not Years. [TIDNY]

Giving the Gift of Trump

[9-min.] This high level view of the actual Trump Card details each step in the 7-Point Constitutional Cure for Election Racketeering and Treason, which is the Simple, Unbreakable and Unstoppable.

Aditionally, this wonderful tribute to our dear old friend, Rush Limbaugh, explains how TIDNY was inspired by his unending quest for the truth and how he showed us that when Conservatives were having fun, Conservatism was winning.

How Cubans Can Checkmate America's Radical Regime

[8-min.] Set to the excitement of Cuban music and Salsa dancing, Robert Antonellis introduces the ease with which all Americans, and particularly Cuban-Americans, can join with Trump supporters, to bring democracy and liberty to the Cuban people. It puts a sharp focus on how the Cuban people have truly been tormented by the Biden regime, and how Trump, as president, would return hope to that long-impoverished island nation, 90 miles from America's coast.

This video reminds us how impactful a change in leadership in Cuba would be, at this rare moment in history, which would send peace, rippling throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The Wuhan SWOOSH

[3-min.] Watch the “The Wuhan Swoosh” and learn the never-before known connections between the Wuhan Institutes of Virology, slave labor, the popular NIKE brand, and Chinese Military.
You may already know that there is evidence that suggests the Wuhan Institute of Virology was a key source of the Covid-19 pandemic and may well have even modified bat viruses to make them more infectious and deadly to humans.

But, how in the world do LeBron James and the NIKE Swoosh fit into this discussion?
Watch this short video and see for yourself!

Trump, in Days, Not Years!

[1.5-min.] Set to the pomp and circumstance of "Hail to the Chief", Robert Antonellis introduces the concept of Trump, in Days, Not Years, which he prepared for CPAC Orlando, February 25th, 2021. Antonellis explains that Rush Limbaough taught us, "Fun WINS! Depair Loses", which inspired him to create Nancy's Gag Gift to make the Speaker, Speechless, then Speakerless.

Note: At that time, "Trump, in WEEKS", seemed pretty aggressive, since we were only 36 days into the Biden Adminstration, and the world around us had not yet begun to collapse.