‘F*^k Joe Biden’? - Are Crude Chants at Ballgames and Concerts Enough?

By: Robert Antonellis, PatriotsSOAR and Concerned Humanity

Published On: 23-Oct-2021

Last Updated: 23-Oct-2021

Recently, we’ve all heard the impromptu chants erupt nationwide, from crowds gathered at games and concerts, shouting, “F*^k Joe Biden!” A manifestation of outrage that may, in fact, be helpful. But, will it suffice?

Are we Americans just spectators, even in our outrage? Venting, chanting and ranting, donned in our cliché cultural uniform of caps, torn jeans and sweats? Is THAT who we are? Just schlumps? Are we being laughed at by “elites”? Are we impotent? Rudderless, directionless, adrift without compass?

This is life and death. People need empowerment, not impotence - not just ranting in the stands - to channel our collective energy of outrage into effective action, versus being victims. This is an invitation to our good people to rise to our best selves and seize the day, as they say. Indeed, our lives may well depend on it as we see our world being aggressively devastated by a vindictive radical regime that found its way into malignant power by questionable means. Who likes being played, silenced, steamrolled, demonized and destroyed?

The stakes are so high now. It’s dire. Our lives, way of life, life itself, our posterity and country have reached a sharp precipice. We either act firmly and effectively now, as a people, or the only way out, is down.

So, let’s tuck in our shirts, put a comb through our hair, and remember who we are and our true heritage, as heirs and guardians of a magnificent vision of freedom gifted to us, but now being wickedly ripped away. Let’s remember our sacred calling - our great blessing - as heirs, take a firm hold on this assault on our land and humanity, and deal directly with it! Which means, get the demon rascal usurpers out NOW and quickly redirect. And, just chanting in the stands, though a gauge of our collective outrage, won’t do it, as it alone won’t turn the tide. It’s not enough, so let’s get to it! So, what WILL tangibly change our trajectory? Well, TIDNY.

TIDNY [Trump, in Days, Not Years] rapidly removes the offending forces and begins the redirect. It does this quickly by Constitutional means. What we need to understand is that the present powers in place are hateful toward America, and deliberately creating chaos, saboteurs. Whereas, Trump has a true heart for the people, and for the country, and will quickly correct our course. The urgency of this shift cannot be over-stated.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a venomous entrenched enemy operative long posing as “progressive”, often speaks of progress, but is, herself, an IMPEDIMENT to progress. It’s why she needs to go and TIDNY does that.

So, first impediment to this process is Pelosi. And, removing Pelosi, constitutionally, with surgical precision, by revealing her Achilles’ Heel, removes Impediment Pelosi. This is the start of the TIDNY 7-Pt. Plan. For details of how this gets done, see 7-Pt. Plan in images below.

The TIDNY strategy is simple, unbreakable, lawful, and unstoppable, and sets the plan in motion to make the urgent course correction. It’s needed NOW and we can help make it happen by simply spreading the word about TIDNY, by viewing the short videos, and by taking action here: PatriotsSOAR.com.

Thanks for reading.

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