By: Robert Antonellis and Concerned Humanity

Published On: 01-Mar-2022

Last Updated: 01-Mar-2022

We were sold the COVAX Op as a health crisis with vaccines, as solution. They used fear to do it.


PROBLEM: Created Crisis causing fear
REACTION: Sparking outcry, “DO SOMETHING!”
SOLUTION: Rollout of the ready-made “solution” that conveniently suits their agenda.

They call their agenda “THE GREAT RESET”. It’s about CONTROL, using COVID, as cover. It’s about OBEDIENCE. Control over what, you might ask? Well, what have we seen?

Could they possibly want to control your freedom of movement, of travel, your free will and liberty, your sense of reality, well-being, and sanity? Your ability to breathe, health, and speech? Even more? Such as, your access to work, income, money, and resources, equal to food, shelter, and life? Your closeness to family and friends? Your access to leisure and entertainment, to goods and services, including affordable food and fuel? Is gas going through the roof? Your access to free flow of information, ideas, and data? To OXYGEN, to life and breath, itself?

Through masks, social distancing, and quarantining, they’ve commandeered, for themselves: Massive Budgets, supply chains, and resources. Our normal life patterns, such as work, school, travel, commerce, connection to family, community and intimacy. In fact, our REALITY, to change our way of life – our whole culture, as they wish.

Are we right? Just look around you. This is not unintentional. It’s SOCIAL ENGINEERING. They’ve created conditions in our culture that have cut us to the core. What’s going on?

Throughout COVID, we’ve been placed under a kind of collective mind control, mass hypnosis, and psychosis that cannot stand. Well, no more. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s time to break free! The truth about the COVAX OP sets us free. And, the truth is out now. THE COVAX OP WAS A POWER GRAB! Now we know this to be true, all LIES fall away. Now we’re no longer slaves to THEIR reality, we can reclaim our own personal power.


Statistics and data were manipulated to fuel the Plandemic and fear. It’s being corrected. Damage, deaths, and devastation from the jabs is far worse than thought. Suppressed evidence of the many injured & dead is being gathered. That masks are harmful, IN QUESTION, and dangerous. Bad things were found in the masks

The test swabs are also IN QUESTION. Bad things were found on the swabs, including cancer-causing ethylene oxide, a deadly poison [see test packaging for ‘Sterile EO’], causing brain hemorrhage, brain and other cancers, such as lymphoma, leukemia, and death. We’re putting it up one another’s noses, near to our brains! Other serious hazards were noted on the swabs. There are calls to END COVID testing. The injections themselves are IN QUESTION. Bad things have been found in the injected. THE mRNA JABS AREN’T WHAT THEY SEEM. CAN mRNA injections FOREVER alter your DNA and natural immune system - and your offspring’s, too? Don’t believe us. See for yourself.

HAS humanity’s sacred God-given DNA been altered without our okay? And, through courts and patents, our personal sovereignty challenged? Well, per U.S. SUPREME COURT (CERT#: 12–398) June 13, 2013, the vaccinated are "products", patented goods, 'trans-human'; no longer human under U.S. law. Do human rights still apply?

If that’s not enough, it appears that our immunity and fertility were also altered without our okay. Further, we now know of their plans to DRASTICALLY REDUCE THE WORLD’S POPULATION, using Covid, as cover. WILL WE LET THIS CONTINUE? The answer is NO. Justice is happening. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we have created a tool to empower The People. As our natural DNA is a LIGHT in the darkness and HOPE FOR HUMANITY, the PUREBLOOD PASS is a strong statement in hand of faith in nature, in our GOD-given DNA, and a powerful tool to stake a claim on our human future. See

May God see us through this to victory

Thanks for reading.