By: Robert Antonellis, EagleEye Outlook and CH

Published On: March 9, 2021

Last Updated: March 9, 2021

All Aboard the BLM Bandwagon (Psyop)

Black Lives Matter (BLM) professes to be about empowerment. But, who’s empowering who? Is it really about personal empowerment for underprivileged black Americans or is it a veil to syphon much needed dollars from black communities?

How can they say that “Black Lives Matter” if BLM doesn’t seem to provide assistance to the very black communities that have been harmed, in large part, by the actions of Black Lives Matter? At what point will the self-declared “trained Marxists” founders of BLM admit that the deadly triad of peaceful BLM protesters, radical Antifa anarchists, and a pricey arsenal of weapons destroyed black neighborhoods, black-owned businesses, innumerable black livelihoods, and yes, black lives?

Does the name “Black Lives Matter” EVEN MATTER to these people? Could the “Black Lives Matter - BLM” brand name and rollout be merely a Hollywood-style production made by marketing people who either could care less about black lives, or worse? Is the damage inflicted on Black America, curiously corresponding with the rise of BLM, somehow aligned with the historical pattern of - and obsessive focus on - racism, spewing darkly from the Democrat Party?

If you recall, Democrats were the:

  • Slave Owners of the Confederate South
  • Creators of the Ku Klux Klan
  • Segregationists who used chicken wire to divide government workers, by race (1913)
  • Great Society to “end hunger” by getting black families on food stamps and welfare

So, when we peel back the Sheep’s Clothing, will we discover the Wolf hiding within has its eye on the destruction of Black America, the commandeering of black identity and wealth, and a whole lot more than that? Could these Marxist founders of BLM have been trained by bomb-making, bank-robbing, police murdering felons and terrorists who did jail-breaks, jail-time, and time on the lam in hiding, waging a self-declared war on America?

How can BLM support defunding the police and releasing criminals through a no-bail revolving door policy and yet claim to want to protect and uplift black lives?

“Innocent people have to die in a revolution” – Bill Ayers

Did you know? Chesa Boudin, the 29th District Attorney of San Francisco, was the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, both convicted of felony murder for their roles in the Brink's Truck Robbery of 1981, in Nyack New York, a combined Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army robbery and multiple homicide? If that’s not enough, from the age of 14 months, Boudin was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, co-founders of the radical Weather Underground. Is it any wonder that Chesa Boudin led the nation in making San Francisco the first city to release hardened criminals to commit further hard crimes, which hit black communities hardest?

Could the ferocious Wolf we seek, at the core of Black Lives Matter, be made up of the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Army, the Black Panther Party, the May 19 Communist Organization (M19CO), and others?

We’ll follow the money trail, then look at the founders of Black Lives Matter. But first, we need to understand where the reportedly secretly “whites only” Weather Underground, the parent organization to groups pushing Black Liberation Theology, stands on the topic of race relations, by seeing what Bill Ayers said privately to his fellow Weathermen:

“Blacks can be used for the revolution. But, they can be sacrificed as part of the revolution, as well. Indeed, like the Muslims, they are cannon fodder for the revolution.”

’Sometimes, innocent people have to die in a revolution.'
- Bill Ayers, as quoted by Larry Grathwohl, FBI Undercover Whistleblower and Author

Good detectives follow the money trail when identifying the ring leaders behind a crime. Likewise, when you follow the trail of as much as $10.6 Billion in BLM donations, it leads to a typical Weatherman, a white Jewish violent, bank-robbing, jail-breaking, America-hating radical named Susan Rosenberg, now fiscal agent. And, with her curious shifting of BLM’s substantial funds to the Soros-connected Tides Foundation, we should all be asking BLM if any of that fortune ever repaired any single bit of the wanton destruction BLM caused in black communities, in 2020.

We should also be asking Weatherman Susan Rosenberg if she ever stopped using black Americans as cannon fodder.

Good detectives also learn who controls an organization by looking at its founding, which we have done. And we have found the official version of the birth of BLM to be more Hollywood than truth.

On July 13, 2013, a six-person jury rendered a not guilty verdict on all counts against George Zimmerman, who said he’d shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. This happened to be the day the Twitter Hashtag #BLACKLIVESMATTER was launched, and also happened to be the day violence broke out in cities across America using that very hashtag.

Black Lives Matter was allegedly founded by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, who brag about being lesbian “trained Marxists.” But, they somehow never say who trained them. Could it have been the America-hating, hardened criminal Communist, wellseasoned Weathermen?

Clearly, the official sympathetic story leaves out any mention of a deep-pocketed Marxist marketing operation which, in all likelihood, sought them out to be the face of BLM.

Performance Art by a False Witness

Speaking of the pivotal case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin… Did you know that Author and Filmmaker, Joel Gilbert, did real detective work and revealed that key witness, Rachel Jeantel, was, in fact, NOT Trayvon’s girlfriend, as depicted, at the time? Jeantel provided the account of the crucial final minutes of Trayvon’s life, from the witness stand. But, Gilbert revealed that it was, in fact, Diamond Eugene, Jeantel’s half-sister, who had been involved with Trayvon and on the phone with him in the final minutes of his life.

In his book and documentary movie, The Trayvon Hoax, Gilbert also provides clues that this fraudulent witness swap was the apparent work of the District Attorney handling the Zimmerman case and of the Obama Justice Department, then headed by Eric Holder.

So, at the heart of an incendiary incident, which emotionally moved people to form violent mobs, in response to the case, are lies, fabrications and criminality. And it seems to, oddly, point to America’s first black president, our Healer in Chief, as a dangerous agitator, intent on spreading unrest and calamity in poor communities instead of the peace that is needed to build prosperity.

Of note, Joel Gilbert’s excellent research also shockingly uncovered that “community organizer” Barack Hussein Obama was, himself, in fact, a member of the May 19 Communist Organization (M19CO), a support group and offshoot of the radical Communist Weather Underground. So, was Obama a closet Communist? And, did he also consider “blacks [to] be useful, as cannon fodder”, as his longtime friend and Chicago neighbor, Weather Underground co-founder, Bill Ayers, suggested?

Based on what we now know, is it possible that the Black Lives Matter brand was not new, as publicly claimed? Instead, that it was a rebrand of a group that had gone underground and that supposedly no longer existed?

If you recall, the 1981 Brinks Truck Robbery was a combined Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army (BLA) operation, where black BLA members were to be the only visible actors on that operation, shielding the whites from view, because the Weather Underground supposedly did not even exist, at the time. Further, with that robbery putting so many BLA members behind bars, that organization was claimed to have also dissolved. But, what if these organizations never went away; they just morph, go underground, or get rebranded or rebirthed? Was that, in fact the plan, since 1981? Could it be that the radical criminal “BLA” has now simply morphed into “BLM”?

Cop Killer Turns Inspirational Legendary Leader

Did you know that Assata Shakur, the much-celebrated fugitive convicted cop-killer hiding from justice in Cuba is the inspirational leader and role model of Black Lives Matter? It seems that shooting a wounded New Jersey State Police Officer dead with his own state issued revolver is the sort of behavior that BLM wishes to encourage in many young women throughout America. And, Assata Shakur just happens to have been a leader of the Black Liberation Army (BLA).

Performance Art at Harvard - A Staged Event?

So, could Assata Shakur be tied directly to the founding of Black Lives Matter? The answer is a resounding YES. The rebranding took place in July 2009, at Obama’s Alma Mater, Harvard University, on the day Assata turned 62. It’s as if the birth of Black Lives Matter was a birthday present for fugitive convicted cop-killer, Sister Assata, in far-away Cuba.

It was that apparent Performance Art race hate crime that provided Obama with the ammunition, in the first July of his presidency, to declare, “…the Cambridge Police acted stupidly”…and, “It proves America is still a racist nation.” Whereby, rebranding the whole of America as “racist”.

Obama waged a multi-pronged attack, on that day. One, at the police, which exposed them to violent attacks. Two, he was, in fact, attacking the fabric of America, which enabled him to crack the whip on the backs of Americans, for eight long years, throughout his presidency, and since. Which brought innocent, eager African Americans onto the BLM bandwagon, as new recruits, and perhaps as convenient “cannon fodder for the revolution.” And, once a few black Americans climbed on board, others, like corporations, stampeded onto the Marxist-led BLM bandwagon.

But, to better understand the context, let’s rewind the Race Clock to a few months prior to these toxic attacks on America and cops, by Obama.

Divide and Conquer? Rolling Out the “Race War”

On January 20th, 2009, the first black American president was inaugurated. Just 25 days later, Weather Underground co-founders, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, published their book, RACE COURSE AGAINST WHITE SUPREMACY, using their own names, since the Weather Underground allegedly no longer existed. Did radical Ayers and Dohrn, who never rescinded their “Open Declaration of War Against the United States”, rush this book to market to stake their claim on the Race Division Wing of the Obama White House? In hindsight, eight painful years of decline in race relations are in the history books. But, was Obama the closet operative used by the Weather Underground and others to agitate from the most potent podium on the planet? The only thing missing was a triggering incident, which could exemplify white supremacy and enable Obama to go into full preacher mode, for his timely “teachable moment” for America. Enter, Stage Left, Harvard African American Studies Professor and TV personality, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

So, on July 16, 2009, Assata Shakur’s 62nd birthday, in the first July of Obama’s first term, Gates was arrested in his own living room for the apparent crime of being black. At least, that’s what the media and political left said, what they represented, in what appears to have been a hyped-up Performance Art media event.

You may well recall seeing a picture of Gates being escorted from his own front porch, wearing hand cuffs, under arrest by white Cambridge Police Officer Crowley. A picture, which bounced around the world, flashing this sensational event on the front-page news and empowering Obama to bring his anti-America rhetoric to new lows in one of the most destructive examples of Performance Art fake race hate crimes in American history. But, a closer examination of the Harvard incident suggests that this was, in fact, the stagecraft needed to produce this particular America and police-demeaning image.

On that day, upon returning from travel to Communist China, by his own signed affidavit, Gates claimed his front door was jammed, requiring him and his driver to enter through the back door. In dark circles, sodomy is referred to as “the Ninth Gate”. So, in 2009, Gates made rear entry with another man, which suggests the Hollywood-style script writers may have been celebrating male homosexuality and privately mocking Americans who might consider sodomy to be a page in the devil’s playbook.

Rear entry was scripted so that the front door could be left open, purportedly for a maintenance man to repair it. But, when Crowley, the officer responding to the conjured 9-11 call, walked through the front door, as was his job to do, he faced instant beratement from Gates for walking in uninvited. Upon which Gates resisted giving his name, screaming the whole time. But, upon finally providing his state driver’s license, as ID, as the officer was about to leave, Gates amped up his insults to include Crowley’s mother, crossing the line of common decency, which brought out the handcuffs and got Gates a charge of disorderly conduct.

Did Gates hope to get arrested to get that sensational photo, which became the springboard for Obama’s Race War and rebirth of BLA as BLM?

So, you may ask, was Harvard Professor Henry Gates the Jussie Smollet who got away? Was Gates the model for Jussie Smollett? We have all seen so many such incidents following this same pattern, in recent years, that websites list hundreds of such crimes.

Is it possible that, among the many such race incidents that we’ve been seeing in recent years, there may be a number of other such Performance Art race hate crimes? Could this have been a rollout for a Race War to further a vision for a Marxist America? Has each successive rollout incident served to increase the coffers of closet Communists? Where have the massive revenues raised, with each ensuing incident of outrage, gone? To further agitate and radicalize our country and our kids?

Devastation by Deception?

In retrospect, the Henry Gates Affair was a likely carefully constructed Psychological Operation (psyop), which took place the day Gates returned from Communist China. So, was he giving the show’s sponsors a dress rehearsal for a Performance Art event put on at Harvard? Was Harvard a party to the performance?

And, if a Harvard Professor uses a Harvard-owned property for such a deception, couldn’t the many injured victims of Black Lives Matter, in multiple cities, sue Harvard University for massive damages? Might a highly-qualified personal injury attorney firm get all tingly at the thought of piercing the corporate veil protecting Harvard’s $40 Billion Endowment, if it may be shown to be made up, in part, of Blood Money?

Are the unwitting followers and funders on the BLM bandwagon also being “used as cannon fodder for the revolution”? Being led down a primrose path, by a Pied Piper, on false pretenses? Has America been railroaded by race mongers and conned by carpetbaggers? Has the Black Community been commandeered? Has the Black Community been commandeered by Communists?

Do corporate CEO’s stop to think, when they leap onto the BLM bandwagon to further enrich BLM, and say, “Look at me. Black Lives Matter!”, that they may be funding radical Marxism, revolution, and even terrorism? What will their stockholders say?” Which of their own fiduciary responsibilities are they personally violating?

Enter Helter Skelter

We’ve seen the abhorrent quote by Bill Ayers in this article about using blacks as cannon fodder for the revolution. But, for the sake of equality, let’s have a look at a quote from his wife and fellow Weather Underground co-founder, Bernardine Dohrn, about the infamous Charles Manson.

In December 1969, with Hollywood, Los Angeles, America, and the world still reeling from the brutal human sacrifice multiple Manson murders, just months before, Bernardine Dohrn declared, “Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson.”

Was it the particularly callous brutality and vicious violence of the murders that Dohrn most admired? Or, was it that Manson later claimed that he ordered the murder of white people to try and frame black people in order to start a race war, in that bloody Summer of 1969?

So, should the alleged three co-founders of Black Lives Matter be asked, on the record, if they will denounce the madness of Helter Skelter and the brutal murders of glorified Charles Manson? And, while we’re at it, shouldn’t corporate CEO’s proudly funding BLM be asked that same question? What about anyone else who calls themselves “progressive”? How about the crimes of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? The multitude of brazen bombings done by members of the Weather Underground?

Has the time finally come for us to reconsider allowing Black Americans to be used by Marxist-Communists as “cannon fodder”? And, to abandon the BLM Bandwagon and reclaim our Black Communities and true identities?