TAKE ACTION NOW and return Trump, in Days, Not Years!

Finally, there is something you can do to stop the constant stream of chaos being manufactured by the Biden Administration and the enabling left-wing media. You feel the pains inflicted by the concocted collapse of America, but are now empowered to help us get the government we all deserve. One that is BY the people, FOR the people and OF the people.

TIDNY empowers all Trump supporters to unite around a single theme. (TIDNY in Ten Words) Evict Speaker Pelosi, get President Donald Trump, in Days, Not Years.


This webpage contains a new action every day for you and the rest of Team TIDNY, so we can focus our energies to create events which shift the balance of power in Washington D.C. And the more scorching the allegations, the easier it becomes to start a national dicussion the left can not afford to have.

Check out our VIDEOS page to understand the power of the statement, "Nancy's got a Jonestown problem, and so does the Black Caucus." Nancy will melt, like the Wicked Witch of the West Coast, when asked, "What exactly was your relationship with Jim Jones, and when did it begin?" And always feel free to send Nancy's Gag Gift far and wide and help cheer up even the saddest of Trump supporters!

View & Download "Nancy’s Gag Gift"


Contact the Office of Marjorie Taylor Greene

It seems, more than any person in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Greene has been attacked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with Pelosi trying repeatedly to evict Greene solely based on her views. So, it would be quite ironic if Congresswoman Greene were the first to demand the House evict Speaker Pelosi based on the revelations contained in our VIDEOS page.

Reach her through her website: https://greene.house.gov/contact/offices


Contact YOUR Two U.S. Senators

You should contact your Two Senators. Visit this site and choose "Find Your Senators" in the top left drop-down: https://www.senate.gov

You should consider contacting those in Congress who you believe would be happy to see Nancy go and for Trump to return. But, when you are forced to talk to the office of a Democrat, you should be as gracious as possible. For them, it may be a personal, life changing shock, when they learn about the Achilles' Heel of Nancy Pelosi and the Black Caucus.

Expect the left to claim "Jonestown was ancient history". So, remind them, there is no statute of limitations for crimes against humanity. And certainly no place in America for Black Genocide.

Also, please direct anyone and everyone to PatriotsSOAR.com, so they can watch the videos themselves, and join in on the fun!

Contact U.S. Congressmen and Congresswomen

Here's how to find your representative: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

And feel free to contact Congressmen and Congresswomen with the goal of bringing awareness to the fact that Nancy's days as Speaker are numbered. This is how to get a buzz going in the House.

Contact the Office of Congressman Jim Jordan

Jim is a great conservative leader in the House and needs to be made aware how easy it now is for him to “Play the Trump Card” and make TIDNY a reality. Trump, in Days, Not Years.

Might Speaker McCarthy put Congressman Jordan in charge of Emergency House Hearings on Election Racketeering?

Check to see if Jim would like that job?